MAXKY is located in the China international city-Guangzhou. As a global supplier in the luxury paper tube packaging, we provided sustainable service for our clients.MAXKY is aim to create added value for our clients around the world.We are responsible for your business.

  • Should we place an order during the Coronavirus disease outbreak?

    During the epidemic, many customers are hesitating whether to place an order? We can tell everyone in charge that the order should be placed, because the epidemic in China is basically under control, and our factory is in Guangzhou, and all workers on the assembly line are healthy. At this time, it is best time to place an order. The production lead time takes one month, and the ocean transportation takes one month. Therefore, when the customer receives the goods, the epidemic situation is over. It is a good time to promote the product, and you will not miss the good opportunity because you have the goods on hand.

  • Talking About The Development Opportunities And Impact Of The Packaging Industry After COVID-19

    Under the epidemic, the epidemic prevention and control material guarantee enterprises worked overtime to deliver equipment to the frontline medical staff. And the supporting packaging and printing enterprises are also stepping up their horsepower and contributing important forces to winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.